Blog de timbrofil 300

‘Blog de timbrofil’ 300

42 months ago, I was saying you ‘Welcome to the Blog de timbrofil’! Now I’m getting to the 300th article I’m writing, reaching about 24,500 views from almost 8,000 visitors! Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog all these years, and to all who have something to say about it! I appreciate your friendship! In all these years, my baggage of philatelic knowledge has become richer, and I intend too begin to study more closely my own stock books, quietly, away from the internet world.

I have to admit that I intend to end my activity on this blog soon (probably at the end of this month), the reasons being different, but perhaps the most important of them is related to the increasingly confusing world in which we live, where the value doesn’t matter, especially the moral one.

In order to read the article below in your own language, please use the ‘Google Translate’ widget inserted in my blog. I’d like to share some opinions about this subject with you, so you can use the ‘Thoughts’ section.

În urmă cu 42 de luni vă spuneam „Bine aţi venit pe blogul de timbrofil”! Iată-mă acum ajuns la cel de-al 300-lea articol pe care-l scriu, la atingerea a aproximativ 24.500 de vizualizări de la aproape 8.000 de vizitatori! Mulţumesc tuturor celor care mi-au vizitat blogul în toţi aceşti ani şi tuturor celor care au avut ceva de spus la adresa lui! Apreciez prietenia voastră!

Aşa cum spuneam la început, am pledat şi voi pleda întotdeauna pentru filatelia educativă şi, pas cu pas, îmi place să cred că am devenit parte a mişcării de promovare a filateliei ca modalitate de formare a culturii generale prin intermediul universului fascinant al mărcilor poştale. Astfel, bagajul meu de cunoştinţe filatelice a devenit tot mai bogat, iar toate aceste cunoştinţe intenţionez să le fructific în curând prin studierea amănunţită a colecţiei mele filatelice, în linişte, departe de lumea internetului.

Trebuie să admit faptul că intenţionez să închei în curând activitatea mea de blogger (probabil la finalul acestei luni), motivele fiind diverse, dar poate cel mai important dintre acestea fiind legat de lumea tot mai confuză în care trăim, în care nu se mai pune deloc preţ pe valoare, îndeosebi cea morală.

8 thoughts on “Blog de timbrofil 300

    1. Timbrofil says:

      Ron, thanks for your support! My work on this blog was/is an experiment to try to popularize stamp collecting. Unfortunatelly, this failed here, in my country…

  1. John says:

    Your blog is always interesting. I would miss it.
    I also feel disillousioned at the state of the world.
    In August 2011, I started a “political blog” and until March 2017, I had 350,000 views. It was a popular blog and even got me to USA to lecture. But I am increasingly fatigued by it. I cant close it because I want the blog to be on the public record. It is my archive.

    1. Timbrofil says:

      Thank you for your words! I really wish that this blog will remain a place where stamp collectors to find interesting things every time when they will land on it. And yes, one of the reasons is that the ‘Blog de timbrofil’ is an archive of information that a stamp collector discovered and shared all these years.

  2. keijo says:

    Catalin – for starters, congrats on 300th article.

    Sorry to you see (thinking of) quitting, but I do understand. Life (of a blogger) is complicated at times…


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