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Why stamp collecting and not another hobby? Have you thought of this question so far? In the following, I’ll offer you, the reader of my blog, who hasn’t become (yet) a stamp collector, 5 reasons not to choose stamp collecting as a way of spending your leisure time.

  1. Stamps are just some images printed on pieces of laced paper…

Scientifically speaking, this it’s correct. Stamps are those pieces of a puzzle called ‘culture’, but there are so many, that you don’t even know to set them to be inserted into your own collection. If you’re counting postal administrations, you’ll realize that there are many more than the countries in the world. Many are already gone, and you wonder why somebody would still pick up stamps from past times or from countries and territories that no longer exist (dead countries)? You’ll realize with stupefaction that it becomes interesting and fun to learn using stamp collecting…

  1. There are too many ways to collect stamps…

There are too many ways you’ll have to choose what and how to collect. You can choose to be a generalist and gather large amounts of stamps, but the albums will soon become inadequate, and you’ll often get over duplicates and you’ll have to choose philatelic exchange partners. Or you can choose to focus on a particular theme, or to specialize in a specific country and collect it chronologically, but it will take many weeks, months, and maybe even years, until you get over the long sought after piece. You can choose used or unused stamps, perforated or unperforated, with or without watermarks, with or without overprints etc. The possibilities are virtually endless, and you, a possible future stamp collector, might realize that stamp collecting is a hobby that takes up much of your spare time, bringing you, not a few times, unsatisfied satisfactions…

  1. Costs are sometimes very low and this may give you some doubts…

The advantage of collecting stamps is that it leaves you to choose how much you invest in your hobby. Some pieces can be purchased with very little money, but others with colossal amounts, and then you start wondering: why some stamps on eBay or in the street corner philatelic shop costs only a few cents, and in the big auctions of the world I hear about strange names such as ‘1-Cent Magenta’ or ‘Penny Red’, which are traded hundreds of thousands and even millions of euros? Is there something wrong with stamp collecting? But here we go to the philatelic investment side, and you’ll realize, with even more stupefaction, that most of the philatelic pieces increase their value from year to year…

  1. Inevitably, when you talk about stamp collecting, whether you want it or not, you have to socialize…

At first glance, stamp collecting is a hobby with which you can retreat to a quiet corner of your living room where you can admire your collection. But things get complicated when you have to share your discovery with others (and here we’re talking about writing on a philatelic blog or social media page), making a philatelic exchange or exchanging ideas with colleagues in the hobby that unites you. You’ll have to join a local philatelic club and allocate a couple of hours a week to attend its sessions. Sometimes you may have to attend various exhibitions and see how others have been exhibiting their work for years, and as a result, they receive thanks, appreciations and diplomas that are funny phrases such as ‘Silver Bronze’, ‘Large Gold’ or ‘Vermeil’…

  1. Collecting stamps is a hobby embraced by too many people…

The total number of stamp collectors worldwide exceeds 200 million! As it’s so well known, philatelic issues from 1840 to today are very many, but have been launched on a limited number of copies. So, thinking logically, what are the chances of you, the beginner stamp collector, to have in your collection a certain stamp which you can look for all your life? Where do you still think that stamp collecting was also preferred by a bunch of personalities of the world, such as King George V of England, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, King Charles II of Romania, King Farouk I of Egypt, Prince Rainier III of the Principality of Monaco, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Russian-American writer Ayn Rand, American aviator Amelia Mary Earhart, Queen-vocalist – Freddie Mercury, The Beatles member – John Lennon, The Rolling Stones guitarist – Ronnie Wood, Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova and many others…

So, looking a little around you, you’ll realize that people of all ages, from different backgrounds, like to collect stamps. Whatever their reasons, stamp collecting is useful, fun and easy to practice for everyone! And if I haven’t convinced you so far to choose another hobby, choose STAMP COLLECTING! I guarantee you’ll not regret it! 🙂



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