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Ian Hunter, United States – „Blog de timbrofil este scris de un colecţionar de filatelie. Blogul este scris în limba română, dar pentru nevorbitorii acestei limbi are grijă Google Translate. Temele abordate sunt variate şi am învăţat foarte multe doar citind câteva” / ‘Blog de timbrofil is authored by a worldwide stamp collector. The blog is written in Romanian, but for us non Romanian speakers Google Translate will take care of that. The topics covered within the blog vary widely, and I learned a lot after just reading a few’

Dragan Buškulić, Croatia – „Frumos blog, pot fi găsite în el foarte multe informaţii utile” / ‘Beautiful blog, I can find in it a lot of useful information’

Mihai Ceucă, Romania – „Succes deplin demersului spre binele filateliei! Şansa filateliei de a supravieţui este oferită de tinerii pasionaţi. Datorită tinerilor vor dăinui şi rezultatele muncii celor ce se retrag acum” / ‘Full success for the good of philately! The philately’s chance of surviving is offered by passionate young people. Thanks to the young people, the results of the work of the withdrawals will continue’

Dan Munteanu, Australia – „Felicitări pentru acest blog, o adevărată oază de informaţii pentru cei mai puţin iniţiaţi” / ‘Congratulations for this blog, a true oasis of information for the less initiated’




8 gânduri despre &8222;Extra feedback&8221;

  1. Thank you for the excellent collection of Online Resources. I have filled up my browser’s bookmark tool with many new data and image resources by following the links you have provided!

    Scris de brasstongs | 05/12/2016, 14:20
  2. Hello Catalin,
    I would like to ask if you would be interested to exchange links with StampWorld.com? We will feature your site in our links page, https://www.stampworld.com/en/links/ where you can see other stamp blogs have already linked back with us. We would love to hear from you! You can contact us also at support@stampworld.com.
    Have a great day!

    Scris de Johanna | 03/08/2017, 15:31
    • Hi! I’m honored by your proposal, and I want you to know that I already have an account on StampWorld.com (because I catalog my collection of stamps using information from there), as well as a link to your website on my blog’s page called ‘Online Catalogs’. I’ll also want to display soon a link on my blog’s main page. A link to my blog is very useful for me and many thanks for that! By the way, how does my blog look like? Regards, Catalin

      Scris de Timbrofil | 03/08/2017, 16:21
  3. I just wanted to say thank you for checking out my new blog. I am newly starting out in the hobby, so I have only a little to write about present day. I know this will change and more information will be posted as time goes by. My plan is to publish at a relaxed pace of once a week.

    Scris de Anthony | 07/04/2018, 17:02
  4. I find your site extremely interesting; however, when on pages in a language other than English I find no ‘English’ option to select in the Google Translate ‘dropdown’. Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious. Please advise.

    Scris de Gary | 24/05/2018, 00:34
    • Thanks for your observation! It’s my fault because, last days, I changed the language of the blog, setting ‘English’ instead of ‘Romanian’. Now it’s ok! Best wishes! Cătălin

      Scris de Timbrofil | 24/05/2018, 06:56

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