– Hello Dragan, and thank you for enjoying the idea of an interview for the readers of ’Blog de timbrofil’. Can you tell me what do you find most rewarding about stamp collecting?

– I started collecting as a child and then it was fun to collect colorful and interesting stamps. I learned a lot about geography and history trough stamps collecting. Now I find rewarding when I receive stamps from some new country and it is fun to be in contact with different people from all over the world.

– I know that you have both collections of stamps, and postcards. How do you manage them?

– Both collections are organized in albums by countries, and if covers or postcards have stamps with thematic that I am interested in then they are in special boxes. 

– I also know about your online activity, with several active blogs. Let’s talk about the blog which seems to be the most original, overprintedstamps.wordpress.com. What’s its purpose?

– That blog was first created only to show my collection. Then I realized that information about overprinted stamps is hard to find so I decided to make a blog that will provide information needed, like a catalogue of overprinted stamps.

– The blog started one and a half year ago. What will happen next?

– There is much more work to do with that blog and I have little free time so it will slowly progress but it will not be finished for a long time.

– I noticed that you have some gaps in the countries and territories’ lists. How can help you the stamp collectors who own the images of these overprinted stamps, or stamps with perfins in your lists?

– If any collector has images that I need for my blog, he or she is always welcome to contact me and send me pictures, I will be happy to include it on my blog.

– Do you have a favourite country or territory who issued overprinted stamps?

– I like all of them but Fiume a little more then all the others.

– Another interesting blog of yours is worldofstamp2.wordpress.com, with a huge collection of worldwide exchange of FDCs, stationeries, covers, and postcards. Can you tell me some tips for a good trade?

– For postcards there is www.postcrossing.com and for other… you have to send many many letters, covers, stamps to many different people and then, if you are lucky, some of them send you back some interesting material. Some countries are hard to get mail from so I sent a request to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of TR North Cyprus and Nagorno Karabakh, for some countries I sent requests to tourist office… you have to be creative.

– What’s your opinion about today’s philately, and what items do you believe will be harder to collect in the future?

– I don’t know what will be the future because kids are more interested in digital technology today and there is less and less interest in young people for philately. Items that are already hard to get are stamps or any material from countries that are involved in conflicts and wars, like Somalia that has no postal service since 1992, and it seems like every day there will be more countries like that. Not a nice future.

– Many thanks for this interview! Please address a message to the readers of ’Blog de timbrofil’.

– To all readers of ’Blog de timbrofil’ I wish them to find as much pleasure in collecting as do I. It is important to try to encourage young people to start collecting because you can learn so much about world around us, about history and important people and events, about nature and geography… Just don’t give up.

© Copyright: Blog de timbrofil. The text can be read free of charge, but cannot be taken over or republished in print or digital format than in a written agreement and citing the source. Thank you for you understanding!

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