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Welcome to my blog! ‘Timbrofil’ is an older name for stamp collector, philatelist. My name is Cătălin, I’m 39 years old and I’m behind all philatelic stories on the Blog de timbrofilThis blog has emerged from the need to interact with other philatelists, but especially to learn myself philately. I collect postage stamps since childhood, particularly from Romania (chronologically), and from other countries and regions (from classic to recent issues). I also have in my albums some revenue stamps, automat stamps, postcards, maximum cards and FDCs. I like to continuously develop my general culture through philately and I think I can do it very well this way.

My collection has over 8,000 postage stamps from nearly 120 different countries, adding new pieces mainly relying on stamp exchanges. So far, I have made swaps with philatelists in Belgium (Erpe-Mere, Essen, Lier, Hulshout), Canada (Montreal), Finland (Espoo), France (Siévoz), Germany (Rottenbuch), Greece (Athina), Hungary (Diósjenői), Norway (Sandnes), Poland (Etk), Russian Federation (Samara), Serbia (Bajša), Slovenia (Ponoviče), Spain (Leganés), Switzerland (Basel), The Netherlands (Leende) and, of course, Romania. For other swaps, I am currently present on Colnect, where I update regularly the offer list and the wish list.

If through my blog I can help others with useful information, possibly to direct their steps towards this nice hobby, then it fulfills its role for which it was created. Please note that the blog posts on Blog de timbrofil are written in Romanian (with a short intro in English), but they can easily be read in your own language, by using the ‘Google Translate’ widget inserted in the main page. I invite you all to discover it!




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